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Arianna Baby-Vac

Arianna Baby-Vac

The Arianna Babyvac ® Nasal Aspirator was invented in Hungary in 1995 to help address the problems associated with infant nasal and Sinus Congestion and those afflicted with chronic ear infections.


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Because babies cannot clear their nose by themselves, the nose can be cleaned only with the help of a nasal Aspirator. The Baby-Vac® Nasal Aspirator was designed to provide a consistent controlled suctioning device using the suction from a common household vacuum cleaner providing 900-1500 Watts of power (or breast pump if you wish). The Baby-Vac® will safely, quickly and very effectively clear the nose. The handling of the Baby-Vac® is easy and straightforward. Being transparent, it is easy to observe the removed mucus and easy to clean. The Baby-Vac® has been tested and approved by clinics and doctors worldwide. The Baby-Vac® improves the respiratory condition, as well assisting in the prevention of infection.

Advantages of the Baby-Vac® nasal Aspirator:

  • Continuous suction works fast
  • No chance of blow back common with conventional aspirators
  • Removable Clear collecting chamber allows observation of results and easy clean up
  • Safe for newborns and toddlers
  • Doctor recommended


Important: Clean unit before and after each use by washing it with hot soapy water. Rinse with Hot or warm water. Do not use any detergents, chemicals or abrasives material on this.


1. Insert the evacuator (2) into the collecting cylinder (3)
2. Turn on your vacuum
3. Insert the vacuum adapter (1) into the attachment hose on the vacuum


1. Place the child or infant in a sitting /upright position. We recommend holding the child in your lap until he/she feels comfortable with this apparatus.
2. Position the evacuator (2) so that it should fully seal one of the nostrils and hold it there for a couple of seconds while observing the discharge being deposited in the collecting cylinder (3)
3. Repeat the previous step in the same or /or the other nostril as necessary
4. You may gently rotate the evacuator in a circular pattern in steps 2 and 3 to speed up the process
5. When you are finished, turn off the vacuum and clean the apparatus as described above.
6. Repeat this process daily or as needed.

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