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Polar Stroller 4x4 Stroller Skiis

Polar Stroller 4x4 Stroller Skiis

  • Fit ALL 4 wheel strollers
  • Wheel size 4" - 12.5" Diameter
  • Multi positional wheel binding to accommodate dual wheel axis. Enabling both wheels to ride on ski.
  • Short and wide ski.
  • Twin Tips.
  • Same materials and binding mechanism as RX3.
  • Designed and Manufactured by Us!
  • Made in Canada


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Our products are Designed by Professional Engineers, Children's Health Care Specialist, Avid Snowboarders and above all Parents.

Our Mission is to keep families active with their little ones during the snow covered months, whilst using their strollers and bike trailers.  To revolutionize how parents can explore the natural beauty winter has to offer, creating new ands lasting memories.

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